Dating places in rawalpindi

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Brief History: Rawalpindi, locally known as ‘Pindi’, is Pakistan’s prominent city located near the capital, Islamabad. When Jhanda Khan, a Ghakkar Chief , founded a new town nearby, at the site of an old town known as ‘Fatehpur Baori’ he named it ‘Rawalpindi’. The Rawals, a jogi tribe, founded ‘Rawal’ at the site where Rawal Dam is located.

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That is how they always were.” I have a keen interest in heritage buildings and old architecture, and so a couple of months back when my friend told me about the existence of a Parsi temple located somewhere on Murree Road, Rawalpindi, I knew I had to visit the site. I asked around, spoke to people residing in the area but no one seemed to know of any such place.

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Submit patches, or advocate make a donation and your company has a matching.Both museums house incredible treasures from some of the world’s earliest civilizations, and it is fascinating to view these items in their home region.For other sightseeing, there is also the Islamabad zoo and the very popular Rose and Jasmine Garden. meters of garden, which has 250 different varieties of roses as well as a dozen types of Jasmines.Eventually, after asking many people and searching the city, I finally managed to find out the exact location of the place and one Sunday morning I set out to see it for myself.As many of you probably know, Murree Road is the commercial hub of Rawalpindi.Pakistan has seen thousands of years of human civilization, which is evident in the ancient Mughal period art you can see in its museums as well as some of the deeply rooted traditions of the rich Pakistani culture.