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The Logitech C920 is still the best webcam overall for streaming or calling your friends and family.

Dell’s support site is easily accessible from a navigation bar on its home page.

All you have to do is look to see the difference in the c920’s picture quality.

It has 1080p resolution with a large FOV, a sharp image, and a wide angle making everything about its picture look more camera than webcam.

Dell offers a wide variety of tech-support options, including phone, Facebook, Twitter, web resources and live web chat.

Despite its wealth of information, I didn’t always get correct information from Dell.

No matter how hard you try to make it personal, email support can only go so far in showing customers that you care about them.

Not to mention if you don’t pay enough attention, one forgotten reply to an email could leave one of your biggest customers frustrated.In the last year, Dell representatives tell me, the company focused most on its Support Assist software, which can recommend driver downloads and help with support requests.When I called with questions about the XPS 13, including adjusting the audio equalizer, prioritizing which apps get access to the internet and increasing the amount of time before the computer falls asleep and asks for a password (we asked all laptop manufacturers this question), I sometimes received different answers based on which method I used.A documentary by two desperate young filmmakers who stumble upon the ultimate subject, a 33 year old cannibalistic serial killer named Anthony Mc Allister, who has agreed to let them ...See full summary » The timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable.We witness the terrifying events unfold through daughter Judith's video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A.