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Just days after firing high-ranking members of his administration over the bridge scandal, New Jersey Gov.

Savage Isn’t Completely Kind We redefined “santorum” back in 2003, SICK, long before Santorum was running for president.

Robert's friend would wind up blowing Elizabeth off after the party, leaving Elizabeth and Robert standing together on a sidewalk outside a coffee shop.

Marlise Munoz was declared brain-dead while pregnant with her second child after apparently suffering a blood clot in her lung.

Already wed a few years ago in Canada, they celebrated arrival of marriage equality in Washington.

less Sex advice columnist Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller, left, apply for their marriage license at the King County Administration Building on December 6, 2012. more Michael Shiosaki, Senator Ed Murray and "American Savage" author columnist Dan Savage share a laugh after Savage was issued a marriage license. Murray and Mike Mc Ginn will be vying for its support in this year's Seattle Mayor's race. more Savage speaks with a student about her sex drive.

"Robert was wearing white pants and hoop earrings—Toronto in the '90s looked like the rest of the world did in the '80s." Elizabeth wasn't interested in Robert.

She had a crush on a friend of Robert's and she blew Robert off when he tried to talk to her at a party.Though being gay no longer has much of a stigma in some parts of the country, being a sissy still does — even among gay men.In this show we have a number of surprising and unusual stories of sissies, their families, and why people still get so upset about them.More evidence of small children lies just inside the tiny Wallingford bungalow.And standing amid the toys, stuffed animals, and primary colors is a frazzled-looking dad. I tell him that apologies aren't necessary: I remember how chaotic things are during the toddler years—and Terry and I had one child.The chef at the high-end Chicago restaurant Alinea is asking if babies should be banned, after a couple brought their 8-month-old and a tantrum ensued. Christiane Amanpour, Dan Savage, Margaret Hoover, and Frank Bruni tackle the “baby ban” issue. Chris Christie addressed the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal in his State of the State Address, saying that “mistakes were clearly made.” Shortly before he spoke, the Wall Street Journal ran a photo casting doubt on his claim last week that he hasn’t had contact in a long time with the Christie appointee who ordered the toll lanes closed.

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    De eerste drie nekende Nederlanders die uit de kleren gaan voor het datingprogramma 'Adam Zkt. Vrijdag werden de drie overige namen wereldkundig gemaakt: Inge de Bruijn, Kasia Dolkowska en Curt Fortin gaan voor het RTL 5-programma uit de kleren.