Updating the primary key

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Updating the primary key

It is commonly agreed that primary keys should be immutable (or as stable as possible since immutability can not be enforced in the DB).

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I have a scenario in which I have to update the timestamp column () based on the remaining key and non key columns.

Primary key attributes are just as updateable as any other attributes of a table.

Stability is often a desirable property of a key but definitely not an absolute requirement.

private void Update Primary Key Form_Load(object sender, System.

Updating the primary key in a database is not normally necessary.

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Hi Guys, I have a bit of a problem which I'm hoping you guys can help me out with since I'm not a great SQL guru.

I have two SQL databases which I have to merge into one.

I have used Stored Procedure in SQL with innerjoin. Clustered Primary Key and Foreign Key: T-SQL I am having a little trouble getting this to work right, but have come a ways since I started this.......other tables created first and with no problems.....

I think this Stored Procedure is problem because when I use one table with primary key rather using innerjoin to get data from 2 SQL tables I don't have this Table doesn't have a primary key: CREATE proc dbo._Book Link As select Convert(nvarchar(10), Book ID)as Book Id, Category Name, Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, ISBN, Price, Brief Desc, Full Desc, [Image], link, htmlready from dbo. B...primary key in datarow after update works in access not in sql server Heys a while back i had to do a project with an access database, one of the biggest problems i had back then was gettting the primary key of a datarow you had just inserted into the database. What if you are updating a record using the primary key itself?! then these two with the last table being the problem I need to set one foreign key in the second table referencing the first table.

Message Code: WRT_8229 Message : Database errors occurred: Fn Name: Bind Parameter -- Invalid precision or scale value Database driver error...parameter binding failed Any help is very much appreciated to resolve this issue.

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