Aedating script

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Enclave is presently engaged in leading a number of community driven information security efforts.Some of the more popular projects Enclave personnel are leading are: The CIS Critical Security Controls The Open Threat Taxonomy The Audit Scripts Security Policy Library Technical Security Audit Checklists Information Security Briefings Click Here to Learn More.

A background in HTML, Java Script, and Document Object Model (DOM) would be helpful for some of the more technical details.

The Splunk App for Active Directory requires that you enable certain features in your Active Directory (AD) environment in order for the app to function optimally.

This topic discusses how to enable auditing of AD events and execution of local Power Shell scripts.

You do this by creating a Group Policy object (GPO) and deploying that GPO to all domain controllers (DCs) in your AD environment.

Once you activate the GPO, your DCs will log these security events into the Security event log.

If you have created any code that you think might be transferable and useful to others please contact us.

Please read the guidelines for the operation of this exchange library.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a security bug that can affect websites.

If present in your website, this bug can allow an attacker to add their own malicious Java Script code onto the HTML pages displayed to your users.

Those auditors who use audit software, that are willing to share audit software programs that they wrote with the understanding that anyone using a contributed audit software program, accepts all risks on its accuracy in performing its intended function or result.

The downloadable scripts posted here are done so as a service to Audit Net® subscribers and therefore Audit Net cannot make any guarantees regarding running the code. Each of them has complete coverage or chapters on scripting!

A federated sign on configuration in your cloud service simply redirects the user from the cloud sign in page back to the on premise federated sign in servers. Requiring that the cloud redirect the user to your premise for sign in to cloud services provides a company a great deal of control on who gets access to the cloud services, where they are allowed to gain that control from, what additional authentication may be required and many more control aspects.