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To remedy this I just needed to use a mapped drive name for the same shared network path (ie.

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I needed a quick way to clean a bunch of phone numbers, I wanted to do it in excel but excel doesn’t do PHP, and the example I found was in PHP and it seemed to work well.

Package Error: File `img/TCP_VC_TD_AVE_CONNS_ACT-eps-converted-to. runsystem(repstopdf --outfile=./time_series_pct_paid_full_act-eps-converted-to. pdf images/analysis/act/time_series_pct_paid_full_act.eps)...executed safely (a llowed). 'Build' (Somehow all my list entries are in german, so I only guess it should be named Build - in german it's 'Erzeugen', the third entry from the top).

OK, I spent weeks fighting this problem (well, with intermittent bouts of rage quitting). I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 and compiling through latexmk through Sublime Text 3. Here's what I found in my log: (epstopdf) \includegraphics on input line 773.

I’ve attached the php file which should retain the formatting) Set it up with the file location and name (see phone1above) and run it from textmate by going bundle-php-run cleanphone script (rename to php to have textmate treat it properly) Thanks to Chris Nanney’s Post for source material including the fantastic regexp work dealing with a wide variety of data.

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So I used textmate, and pulled together the basic script with a fopen command to suck up a file from the disk and output a simple list to the screen (console output from Text Mate) and then I could copy and paste it right back into excel.

Ingredients needed: Textmate Excel a bunch of messy numbers The numbers like this, with all different formats 510-350-3731 no number (510) 250-0907 (510) 844-0233 510.845.7548 ext 151 510-388-3198 (cell) 510-891-6501 no number Save them on your desktop, and then create this file in textmate: (excuse the lousy formatting, wordpress (or maybe this theme) is messing with the formatting and colors.

(Fedora 24 and possibly other similar releases.) I didn't install "absolutely all the tex packages" when I installed Tex Studio because the download size is in the gigabytes and it takes quite a long time, and I wanted to quickly write a document without waiting around.

This keeps coming back to bite me in the a**, and yet again I have found myself with another seemingly mysterious error.

It's not finished, because I wanted to have your input on the subject.