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Simple exclamations like “poop,” “playplan,” and “nobedient” take the place of everyday words like “shit,” “strategy,” and “disobedient.” Then there are Shakespeare-esque phrases like, “Verily I too hath prayed for prey” or "Are thou not perky?" Altogether, the whimsical approach to conversation invited me to be a part of the world in a different way—where I had to learn their language, which is approachable, to exist with them in their world.

These are the questions I found myself asking while reading through the first half of ANGELIC #1 by Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard.

Each episode was streamed in lower quality on Niconico a week before its TV premiere.

The series continued its broadcast run with Date A Live II from April–June 2014. The series begins with a strange phenomenon called a "spatial quake" devastating the center of Eurasia, resulting in at least 150 million casualties.

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However, there is a catch: to seal a Spirit's power, he must make her fall in love with him and make her kiss him.

Shido's intelligent classmate, Origami Tobiichi, is a sergeant of the AST (Anti-Spirit Team), a special unit designed to suppress the threat posed by Spirits.What are these technologically advanced sea creatures; these flying monkeys reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz?What are their religious beliefs and political structures?The foundation Spurrier and Wijngaard lay with their creative tongue-in-cheek dialogue and make-believe color palette supported my suspension of disbelief."Before the world ends, kill me or kiss me." Thirty years before the events of Date A Live, an enormous explosion devastates east Asia and kills 150 million people. pero le falta a la parece las realidad y que sea mas din?? cil mente se puede una memoriza las respuesta y eso le quita mucha inmercion al jugardor rnrn ultimate date: kiss her hands thank her and smile champagne strawberry gently touch her face ask what to do for living ask what to do to have fun *dont click kiss* invite to sofa hold her hands put hand on her thigh touch her face & kiss her look at her boobs ready for more kiss lips raise her skirt touch under the skirt expose breast (dont suck on it) spread legs remove dress remove dress completely remove panties *whatever except belly button and lick your balls and put a finger inside her ass* (seriously my gf wont let me to do that lol choose whatever ask her to cum while riding your dick (dont choose anal) say it`s a very special night for you no need to get her phone number - Bitch gotta a nice pussy. the balance - and , not the score) Remove her panties Ask her to suck your finger (good) Lick her boobs (good) Play your finger with her belly button (bad) Finger her pussy (good) Ask her to lick your balls (bad) Ask her for a foot job (good) Try to put a finger inside her ass (bad) Ask her if she is ready for more (to continue, mood needs to be 0) Ask her for blowjob (select what you want) Ask her for tit job (select what you want) Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge) Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge) Ask her to cum riding your dick (ok) Ask her about anal (ok if mood 10 [very high]) Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge).

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