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This sexy swimsuit is constantly re-inventing itself and is available today in many different styles.Our Brazilian bikinis and swimsuits come in countless fashion-forward prints, shapes and colours; choose from tropical, ethnic, animal, or graphic prints, lace or ruffle details, twisted bandeau or halter strap tops, and much more.

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At the Brazilian Bikini Shop, we provide a diverse selection of beachwear. Maybe you want different tops and bottoms to mix and match. One-piece swimsuits, sarongs and pareos are all included in our catalog. There are so many styles that you will have trouble picking just one!

In addition to our spectacular collection of Brazilian bikinis, we also carry ample options for thong bikinis and other women's swimwear. Better still, we work hard to include diverse bikini shapes to fit different body types and personal preferences. Our swimwear comes from some of the most popular names in the latin america industry.

Brazil is a wealthy country full of incredible and various landscapes ranging from striking beaches to incredible diverse rainforest, Brazil counts with the mayor biodiversity of the world, colorful traditions and festivals and a very rich history.

It is the biggest country in South America and occupies the eastern half of South America bordering almost every country in the continent with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay except with Chile and Ecuador.

In the territory of Brazil, there is located some international renowned geographical areas such the Platanal reserve, the Bananal Island, the Marajo Island, the Anavilhanas Archipelago among others.

This country is very famous because its football which is considered one of the best of the world and the Brazilian carnival which is famous for being one of the most allegorical parties on Brazil.

Brazilian swimwear, sexy shapes in a variety of colours! Mix the hottest fashion trends straight from Rio de Janeiro with high-quality Lycra fabric, and the result is our brazilian bikini store.

We believe that quality and fashion are paramount in every product.

One thing's for sure - you are sure to find a Brazilian swimwear that will get you noticed!

If you are looking for a sexy quality bikini in a typical Brazilian cut, look no further! Take a look at our irresistible tanga and thong swimsuits, ultra-feminine, ultra-stylish and totally on-trend! 100% Made in Brazil for these stunning bikini which only wait for you!

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