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A Victorian Labor state election candidate has been forced to resign from numerous regional board positions after being outed as a Twitter troll.John Anderson, from Bunyip in West Gippsland, sent a series of sexist, abusive, homophobic and harassing tweets dating back to 2011.

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I have known John for the longest time, our moms are best friends and he and I have always been close.

Allegro matriculated from grammar school in 1939, though he did not go on to university, as his father saw little value in higher education, so Allegro joined the British Navy, serving during World War Two and going on to become an officer.

After the war he began training for the Methodist ministry, but found that he was more interested in Hebrew and Greek, so he went to study at Manchester University with fees paid by government grant due to his military service.

John O'Callaghan: While we don't have many surprises, I can promise that our fans can expect music — and a lot of it!

What has been that standout moment that has never left the back of your mind?

Mr Anderson ran as a Labor candidate in three Victorian elections in 2002, 20.

Liberal Party Upper House Member for Eastern Victoria, Edward O'Donohue, said he was also trolled by Mr Anderson."These vile tweets that John Anderson has put out there are homophobic, sexist, attacking people's character.It was on Allegro's recommendation in 1955 that the Copper Scroll was sent by the Jordanian government to Manchester University in order for it to be cut into sections, allowing the text to be read.He was present during the cutting process in 1956 and later made a preliminary transcription of the text, which he soon translated, sending copies of his work back to Gerald Lankester Harding in Jordan.Allegro received his Honours degree in Oriental Studies at the University of Manchester in 1951. While engaged in further research in Hebrew dialects at Oxford under Godfrey Driver in 1953, Allegro was invited by Gerald Lankester Harding to join the team of scholars working on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem, so he spent a year in Jerusalem working on the scrolls.This was followed in 1952 by a masters under supervision of H. He became a lecturer in Comparative Semitic Philology in Manchester in 1954.Their investigation uncovers a web of sinister events, some long buried in the past.

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