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Over time, they have forgotten — or maybe they never knew — how to fall in love properly or even begin to inch closer to someone.

Dr Friedman says older men suffer these problems because they were brought up differently from younger chaps.

Leslie James Hall Date: Mon, The pride vids are in 5 parts with part 1 being a short intro with the train trip down to London complete with some faces from the Newcastle gay scene in the 90s.

It was filmed from a personal perspective rather than an attempt at some historical event recording.

Above all, they agonise over whether they will ever again be able to find happiness in an intimate relationship.

Perhaps one of the most incisive points Dr Friedman makes is the fact that older men are often totally incapable of opening up to new women.

Hello, Ive been looking at your website & you may be interested in some vids I posted on my You Tube page.

I live in Tyneside & in 1990/91 I started recording things on my first Sony 8mm video camera.

Im sure youll be able to make a judgement on whether they are suitable for inclusion in your website!

LP1 M LP2 - OJJgl0 LP3 - I LP4 - H2JVi Vc LP5 - J8a UX0hh N Leslie James Hall Reading Stradivarius, I was struck be the lack of info regarding the gay clubs of London in the 1960s!

They all end up disappointing us, and we have had endless chats, lunches and drinks bemoaning that fact.