Wheesung dating

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He later became the lead vocals for the short-lived boyband A4.Due to musical differences & disagreements with other group members, he left after the release of their first album in 1999.

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Wheesung was first part of dance-team "ING" when he debuted in 1997.

Wheesung left YG Entertainment after his contract expired in March 2006.

Wheesung revealed that he wants to go public with his future relationship.

After leaving A4, he was taken under the management of YG Entertainment's sister company M.

Boat and was trained for two years before releasing his first solo album in 2002, Like A Movie.

After being released from A4, he signed onto M Boat, a former sister company to YG Entertainment.

He underwent a few years of vocal training under the label and released his first solo album Like A Movie in 2002.

The answer lies with the alert netizens who have been digging up the dirt on Ivy.

Puzzle Piece 1: Wheesung talked about his ex who cheated on him for 8 months on a radio show last month.

After a year in the US performing at many clubs and concerts he returned to Korea and changed labels to POP/UP Entertainment.

In 2011 he transferred to YMC Entertainment and recruited Ailee.

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