Iphone hang updating apps

18-Sep-2019 13:23 by 9 Comments

Iphone hang updating apps

Another Method of fixing the apps being stuck on “Waiting” is to change the Date & Time. The mobile operating system Apple launched last week is suffering from another glitch that causes i OS-based devices, including the i Phone and i Pad, to freeze, according to reports on Apple's Support Forums and tweets to the company's Support team.

The app icon appear on your device home screen with the “waiting..” status.

It's always wise to run through a standard series of checks before you perform an operating system update on a Mac.

(We cover preparation steps in the first section of our guide showing How to update mac OS on a Mac.) But in this article we cover possible solutions to try if your Mac freezes up in the middle of an update.

Begin with the most basic steps to troubleshoot the issue and progress to more involved steps, if the issue isn't resolved.

If your i Phone suddenly freezes or refuses to wake from sleep, you can sometimes resolve the issue by restarting it.

Now look for the DNS and input (is a Google Public DNS– which will ensure safety and speed) and make sure your i OS 10.3.1 device has enough space to download.

If your i Phone 6 won’t download Apps still, try restarting the device so the internet would reconnect.

When an i Phone freezes, it becomes difficult to place calls, read emails or complete other business-related tasks.

There are several steps you can take to resolve these issues, from restarting your device to restoring it.

Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button until the “slide to power off” message appears. Turn your device back on by holding the “Sleep/Wake” button until the Apple icon appears.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you cannot power on your fully charged i Phone, try resetting the device.

Read next: How to fix a frozen Mac We also have a complete guide to fixing some of the most common Mac issues.

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