Menstrual dating

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Menstrual dating

If you don't have time to lie down and use one, then there are these great sticky heating patches (like these) that you can put on under your clothes and use them while you're doing other stuff, like going to school or work.The heat will help soothe your cramps and, bonus, warm you up on a cold day.

Most women have fairly tolerant periods, give or take a few cramps, but it's important to know when problems can become more serious, what you – and your doctor – can do about them.I don’t think I need to remind you girls that getting your period can be a major bummer for a lot of reasons. However, I happen to know from experience that these pills do little to nothing for really severe cramps.For me, the worst thing about getting my period has always been some seriously horrible PMS. I don’t get them as much anymore (thank God), but maybe that’s because I tried out about a million ways to get rid of them. But if your cramps are pretty mild, these should do the trick - and if they're way worse than mild? It's worth trying, especially if you need a quick fix.But most interesting of all, it can help explain how your feelings about your relationship will change throughout your cycle based on your hormone levels.One particular line in its guide to the luteal phase—the 10 to 14 days before your period—stood out to me: "Pay attention to your inner voice—it's not you being hormonal; it's your inner wisdom nudging you that something might not be where you want it to be. But looking at these ebbs and flows through the lens of my hormones began to give them rhyme and reason.Last month, mostly out of curiosity, I started using the period-tracking app My FLO.

It tells you not only how fertile you are at any given time but how to eat to make your period more manageable and when to exercise to decrease cramps.If you don't find that helpful, try curling yourself into the fetal position. Source: Shutter Stock When you have bad period cramps, heating pads can be your best friend.Invest in a good one and I promise you won't regret it.However, sometimes these problems are more serious than they appear to be. In case your primary school didn't properly educate you on the subject, a period is the lining of the womb falling away when there is no pregnancy.A 'normal' period comes every 21-35 days and typically lasts for five days.The most common complaint is of regular, heavy bleeding.

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