Deckchair dating

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Often easily transportable, their collapsible design allows for manoeuvring between back-garden and beach with no trouble at all, making your outside soirées far more comfortable and therefore, much more pleasant.But with so many on offer, which should you hedge your bets on?

After some months, that consultation has now gone live.Residents over 60 in Weymouth and Portland have enjoyed the benefit of a free seaside seat for last 30 years but that could be at risk as councillors say that circumstances and the ‘financial position’ of the council has changed.If approved, those over 60 will have to pay the going rate of £2 a day to hire a chair.A gold locket recovered from the body of George Dunton Widener’s valet, Edward Herbert Keeping, within weeks of the tragedy, had until recently been on display at a Swedish museum for a number of years.This impressively sturdy design will give your outdoor space that high-end look in no time.THE FIRST chair of this type - that is, the folding X-type chair - was discovered in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians: often carved with animal forms and covered with whole skins.

In ancient Rome, too, the folding X-type chair had great significance, being reserved for magistrates and nobles on public occasions.

Crafted from strong eucalyptus wood, the chair has a lengthened seat that allows you to stretch out and put your feet up with ease.

When you’re done kicking back, this one needs to be stored inside to keep it looking its best.

VIEWS are being sought over controversial moves to change the deckchair policy in Weymouth and Portland.

As reported in the Echo, the borough council is conducting a review of the deckchair pricing policy which provides free deckchairs and half-price windbreaks to locals over 60.

We tested some of the best (in situ, thanks to the recent heatwave), taking into consideration their comfort, portability, durability and overall appearance – plus practicalities such as how easy they are to clean and care for.