Matsumoto jun dating inoue mao

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Matsumoto jun dating inoue mao

Rumors aside, it seems widely accepted as inevitable that they are dating, probably engaged, and are gonna get married at some point, but nobody knows when, so it seems like media are just throwing shit against the wall now.

Only after reading the actual articles did it become clear that the latest marriage watch is not rehashing last year’s gossip but new indications that the 9-year and going unofficial couple was ready to make it legal.

Being one though needs the company of women, and Jun has been linked to a few gorgeous personalities through the years.

So let us go down the memory lane and meet the females.

Now the couple was spotted at a late night dinner by popular journalism outlet FRIDAY.

FRIDAY reported that Inoue returned home from the promotions for her new movie "Shiroyuki-hime Satsujin Jiken" and left again at pm for the high-class yakiniku restaurant by taxi, disguised in hat, glasses and mask.

Suddenly Jun's mind drew a blank as he paused to look at Inoue Mao and nothing came to his mind. No word, no role fit cookie-cutter perfect on her presence in his life.

Inoue Mao was not his sister, she was not his niece, she was not his cousin, she was not his neighbour and she was most definitely not his girlfriend or even friend for that matter.Two hours after the shop had closed (am), Inoue was photographed leaving from the staff entrance of the restaurant escorted, and taking a taxi by which she went home.About 5 minutes later Jun Matsumoto with his labelmate Ikuta Toma also left from the staff entrance and took their own taxis to go home.But both parties had denied the accusations and Keiko said that it was actually an ex boyfriend and not Jun.Inoue Mao and Arashi's Jun Matsumoto co-starred in 2005 hit drama "Hana Yori Dango" and since then they have been very close.(Based off the jdrama of the same name starring Aiba Masaki! Filming is tiring, so when Mao found a cake box in Jun's greenroom, courtesy of Aiba Masaki, she asks for a piece. When Aiba's cousin gets married, Aiba decides to find a partner and to fall in love too.