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Live video chat paypal - cbs 3 dating show video

Ticket purchases are made with either credit cards or Paypal.

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When the transaction is complete, your public Super Chat will be sent to all viewers in the live chat.

Not just when they abandoned, but how long they were in queue before.

If the customer and the operator gets disconnected in a middle of conversation, is there a way to get that specific customer back on chat?

NMB Live receives only 19% of tip jar revenue - far less than competitor sites!

Generate Revenue With Pay Per View (PPV) - You may optionally sell tickets to your live webcasts.

Yes, your visitors’ details are displayed next to each person on the list and during the chat.

You can even expand this information with Full Contact integration or add custom details from your internal system.

Watching prerecorded videos is a great education and marketing tool in your business, but taking it to the next level by doing a live video streaming event is even more powerful.

It’s almost like being there in someone’s living room.

Generate Revenue With Pay Per View (PPV) on archived video (VOD) - You may optionally sell tickets to your archived webcasts.

Funds are transferred to your Paypal account immediately upon purchase. Increase Sales With Shopping Channel Live - If it’s merchandise and/or services you would like to promote and sell, you may use our unique and powerful Shopping Channel Live with Live Rep application suite.

If you notice an unauthorized Super Chat charge on your account, please contact our support team to request a refund.