Php validating date input

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We will create a simple registration form which will contain various inputs like textbox, checkbox, radio buttons and a submit button.

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This can be tricky: if the date picker is misconfigured, Symfony won't understand the format and will throw a validation error.A submit button is created using the processing before outputting the input to form.For now, we are just checking whether the input is empty or not.Input Validation is the outer defensive perimeter for your web application.This perimeter protects the core business logic, processing and output generation.This is one of those compartmentalising by trust value issues I mentioned.

In suggesting that users are untrusted, we imply that everything else is trusted. Users are just the most obvious untrusted source of input since they are known strangers over which we have no control.

If the contents are too large to fit, the input will scroll, usually without a visible scrollbar.

attributes, which give a suggestion for an initial size (based on the number of characters that should be displayed vertically and horizontally).

Beyond the perimeter is everything considered potential enemy territory which is...literally everything other than the literal code executed by the current request.

All possible entrances and exits on the perimeter are guarded day and night by trigger happy sentries who prefer to shoot first and never ask questions.

Each of these allies have their own perimeters which may or may not trust ours. As noted in the Introduction, we trust nothing and nobody.

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