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Twenty-six years later, Spence had the eye removed and got the idea to replace it with a camera.“Literally everybody [said] it as a joke — people doing the surgery say, ‘Oh, you should get an eye camera.’ The idea is so out-there in pop culture and science fiction,” he tells The Post.

Cum check out the footage from cameras hidden all over the venue.

Early reports say the movie shows at least 20 full minutes of sex, although it's only rated R. Anastasia Steele, a middle-class senior at Washington State University Vancouver, meets Christian Grey, an incredibly handsome, debonair 27-year-old multi-millionaire CEO. Theirs is a romance full of drama and passion, and they end up living the conventional American fantasy: love, marriage, and a kid. Early on in the first book, Ana discovers that Christian has a “dark secret”: He’s obsessed with BDSM—a condensed abbreviation for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism.

This is the central tension of the books: Ana loves Christian, but she doesn’t want to be his submissive; Christian loves Ana, but he’s turned on by violent sex.

In culture, fantasy works like a mirror: It reflects who we are, but it also shapes what we become.

Love it or despise it, American culture's sexual fantasy of the moment is Since Random House bought the rights to the trilogy in 2012, the series has sold well over 100 million copies worldwide.

“I’ve actually started wondering, do we want to have constant video of our lives? And I don’t know the answer, but I think no, we don’t want that.

But it’s coming anyway.” Spence’s eye-cam resembles a regular eye prosthesis, embedded with a camera that is equipped with a radio frequency micro-transmitter.Resulting in a MILLION questions for director James Foley, the producers, the editor, Dornan himself, E. James, the studio, the MPAA, your local cinema and whatever higher power you believe in. From Freud to Ludacris, it's been an elusive idea, suggesting both an escape from reality and an expression of hidden desire.Unfortunately, industry is putting the old fashioned factory under and his dad's old friends, whom Charlie has known since childhood, out of work.Charlie doesn't really want to keep the factory; nor does he exactly feel right letting the factory fail, but old wing tips aren't going to cut it.If there are, we'll make the subsequent call to see what promotions will be applied if the customer makes a purchase.

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