Chelsea handler dating black men

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Chelsea handler dating black men

When a celebrity is called out for doing or saying or tweeting something blatantly racist, that celebrity declares that they are not racist because – wait for it – they’ve banged black guys. Case in point: Chelsea tweeted all of that racist crap when she took over the Huff Po feed. She interprets our scorn as interest, like she’s mega-controversial for being so bold and unconventional. Chelsea appeared on yesterday and George Stephanopoulos asked her about the racist tweets.

CHELSEA: I'm checking to make sure that your eyes are closed. But men -- you just made a face that is very -- I can tell that that is something you do in bed. Hey, buddy, do you want to take a look at yourself? CONAN: Take the socks off and don't have your head go back and forth like E. CHELSEA: If we say something -- if a woman says something in bed and we're a little tipsy and we want to scream out -- not scream out, but make a suggestion, and if you don't hear us in the bedroom and we don't know you that well, don't say, "what?

Even Chelsea Handler’s other series on Netflix, Chelsea Does, showed a new side of Handler. What is unconventional is the release schedule: episodes are pre-taped (but timely) in front of a live studio audience and they air three nights a week — Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

It’s a strange release format that doesn’t really demand viewers tune in and pay attention — I wouldn’t be surprised if you forget that it exists after three or so weeks — but then again, neither does the show itself.

“I’m finally getting to do the exact kind of show that I’ve always wanted to do,” Chelsea Handler says early in the first episode of her new Netflix late-night show (of sorts).

But if the first three episodes of Chelsea are any indication, it seems like the kind of show she wanted to do is the same as every other late-night show, except with a little more second-hand embarrassment.

"He's a sweetheart, and he's so cute," Handler told Oprah Winfrey at the time. He came on my show [in 2010], and he sent me flowers.

Of all the people you might expect to make a documentary about race, Chelsea Handler is probably not one of them.Racism,” which premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, along with her accompanying documentaries on marriage, drugs and technology.Handler has sent some misguided missives about dating black men.See, Handler’s whole goal is to do a series that she wants and to do a late-night show that stands out from the best but the end result of Chelsea is just a basic show that follows all of the same rules.It’s a shame for both Netflix and Handler because they have an opportunity to redefine the late night genre but instead are just going with the flow.'I was sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there, and I was satiated. he's the complete antithesis of what you'd imagine.

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