Dating site for nurses and doctors

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Dating site for nurses and doctors - 100 maried free chat

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If you think about it , you meet a lot of people at work or school , work is kinda out for me and I'm not in school anymore, thought I'd give this a shot ,though with the way things are going , I'm thinking of just going back to school or something! After dealing with those men all day, I dont feel like going out on my own looking for more. I have to say that as a MALE nurse, I find that working with a disproportionate number of women actually makes meeting a woman at work very challenging.

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Friends of mine suggested this site so I thought what the heck, I was in a relationship for a year and a half and didn't really have to worry about dating until the last few months , it's interesting thats for sure! Not only do I have to be a nurse, I have got to listen to the most outragious stories( some patients claim to be FBI,mind readers,prophets from heaven etc.) they are locked away from women so I get hit on alot. I have been slapped, my head slammed on a desk while breaking up a fight, had a table thrown at me and get cussed out on a daily basis. One would think this to not be the case but from my experience, this is the case for ME.another nurse here ( RN) , although recently retired ( 20 years)( have another profession )People have a sterotype about nurses and forget many do not work in a clinical or hospital setting ( with patients )...

I work with a fair bit of men , some male nurses ,lots of male doctors etcmost are married or are men I am in no way interested in. After dealing with those men all day, I dont feel like going out on my own looking for more. It is a well paying profession( even the hospitals where most start ) that requires traits like dependability, good descion making skills,good organization skills, multi tasking, autonomy, good people skills...

En español l For years, Marcia Andrews visited the same internist in Washington, D. Then she turned 65, got her Medicare card and had to find a new doctor: Her internist was not accepting Medicare patients.

Primary care doctors are in such demand now that they can choose not to accept Medicare, whose reimbursements to physicians are lower than private insurance rates.

"We need to absorb these 30 million people, and that's going to be a strain," says Russell Phillips, M.

D., director of Harvard Medical School's new Center for Primary Care.

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"The doctor shortage is worse than most people think," says Steven Berk, M.

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