Validating clinical trial data

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Data River delivers an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System, based on the popular open source web platform for Clinical Trials Open Clinica™.

Actual mock-up tables for Safety, Efficacy, and Laboratory data are provided, along with a QC Checklist and Statistical Analysis Plan.

A must-have book for those wishing to work in the pharmaceutical industry or clinical research field as a SAS programmer." -- Jimmy Thomas Efird, Ph. Sc., Director, Biostatistics and Data Management Facility "John A.

SAS is widely used in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research companies.

SAS is currently the dominant software tool for data preparation and statistical analysis in this domain.

There is a misconception that SAS is the preferred software of the FDA, the regulatory agency that oversees clinical trials, but in fact the FDA does not endorse or require use of any specific software.

Validation is a critical component to programming clinical trial analysis.

Essential to effective validation is the programmer's understanding of the data with which they'll be working.

MCRee Turkey is a forecasting tool based on clinical data statistical processing, developed by Data River in collaboration with researchers from the Cancer Registry of Modena.

The web application allows users to view statistical projections of lymphoma cases expected in Turkey for 2015, calculated by population, incidence of each disease and selected search parameters.

Therefore, to be a successful programmer in the pharmaceutical industry, you need to understand validation requirements and to learn how to make the code do the bulk of the work so that your programs are efficient as well as accurate.

Data River offers services and software solutions for clinical data management concerning the design and development of clinical trials, disease registry management, the elaboration of clinical data surveys and statistics compliant with sensitive data security and confidentiality requirements.

If you don't understand how the data is arranged, the values that are reasonable for each variable, and the way the data should behave, you cannot ensure that the final result of your programmin...(展开全部) Validation is a critical component to programming clinical trial analysis.