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One universal truth about game is that game is universal everywhere – just with different styles and variations. If so, what kind of topics would you like to hear covered? Instead of just giving advice or explaining situations, I’m telling an actual story of something that happened during my time dating around here in Korea.

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The story of Hyundai's growth is commonly told in tandem with the account of the marvelous growth that South Korea experienced post-Korean War.Some will be of success, some will be of failure, and some will just be of the notably weird, but all will be true and show a part of the dating life as a foreigner in Korea.Anyone who dates around a lot is bound to have some pretty weird first date stories, and I am no stranger to bad first dates.The system was and still is called ‘meeting’, which is an example of Konglish for blind date.Through blind date, finding someone for a romantic relationship became natural and not something to be ashamed of.Yet it is also incredible, when you consider the history of the companies with which Hyundai rubs its shoulders. Hyundai, in contrast, was founded in 1963, when South Korea's per capita GDP was less than 0.

Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 in the United States, which was then already the world's foremost economy by a wide margin. Yet today, Hyundai outsells all of Ford, Fiat and Renault.

Put these three together, YASAKKURATING was made, in which a group of female students and a group of male students from different college departments met at night with cherry blossoms all over.

We could say it was the only outlet through which they could find their date, for those youngsters were not used to approaching the opposite sex From the attending groups, each student went on a mission to find their partner.

If you were somewhat daring, you would write a love letter and keep it in a random book.

But the letter never found its owner it was intended for.

But the less frequently told part of the story is that, actually, the story has two stages.

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