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It’s a Wednesday and conservative cable news host Bill O’Reilly has just been forced out of Fox News after a series of sexual harassment allegations.As the blitz of tweets and breaking news alert pings proliferate outside, the greater context of the development has the actresses rapt.

Users have reported on other social media platforms that the app is no longer properly accessible unless they use a virtual priavte network to send their internet traffic outside the country and around its great firewall.

Sex In Class follows Geodele, who is now a United Nations goodwill ambassador for sexual health, at an Accrington school which takes part in her revolutionary sex education classes.13 pupils were filmed for the Channel 4 documentary where they were given homework assignments ranging from examining their vaginas for girls and shaving their pubic hair for boys.

Geodele is now campaigning to have sexual lesson turned into an actual GCSE.

With such a giant mobile market and great variety of app stores, the world of China’s apps is like a mobile jungle if you are not familiar with it.

What’s on Weibo has therefore selected a top 10 of useful and funny Chinese apps for you: .

"Girls need to be more confident with their bodies.

If they don't know their bodies, how will they know how to have sex?

You've been telling these kids to look at their genitals with a mirror... ""I'm Catholic and I was told at school that sex is not for pleasure," he added.

"I was told that you should only indulge in it for the purpose of procreation."Goedele, looking rather shocked, then explained why it is necessary to teach children about the pleasures, which she believes can help tackle the problem of teenage pregnancy."It's something we do in sexology practice," she said.

Whats App, which is owned by Facebook and offers end-to-end encryption, has a relatively small but loyal following among users seeking a greater degree of privacy from government snooping than afforded by popular domestic app We Chat, which is ubiquitous but closely monitored and filtered.

Questions over Whats App's status come at a politically fraught time in China.

Gilpin plays her friend, ex-soap star Debbie Eagan, who grudgingly joins the misfit posse of body-slamming women. Cannes is roiled by small-screen controversy The show embraces the inherent camp value of its subject and era with frosted lipstick, hammerlocks and even glimpses of a Thomas Guide.