Brianna bell dating edward norton

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He apparently didn't sign for the following films, most likely in an attempt to to get more money.

Well, after a fall-out with Marvel and Universal, he's declined to do much publicity.

Then she starts dating Edward Norton, who's a smart guy.

So you know she's up to something, but you're never sure what.

There's nothing worse than a celebrity who won't promote his own work, even though they're contractually obligated to. This time around, though, it's Edward Norton who's being the diva.

Norton, Courtney Love and Salma Hayek's ex, has decided he will hardly be doing any publicity for the new movie, according to reports.

It was a rare sighting of the 47-year-old Golden Globe winner with his wife Shauna Robertson and their three-year-old son Atlas, who coordinated in matching wetsuits atop her board.

The Collateral Beauty actor – sporting black dotted swim trunks – used to be a competitive rower while attending Yale University.

‘If you are lucky enough, it leaves a lot of time to engage in other things.

And if you are engaged in other things that are really compelling or interesting or challenging to a different part of your brain or your personality, paradoxically it raises the threshold that a piece of work has to meet to interest you and pull you away from all that other stuff.

Bryce Dallas Howard (born March 2, 1981) is an American film actress, director, producer, and writer.

Howard attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, but left before graduating to take on roles on Broadway.

We always had nice conversations, but I never understood exactly what she was up to.

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