Lee pace x26 anna friel dating

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Lee pace x26 anna friel dating

Part romance, part comedy and part mystery, the show revolves around humble pie-maker Ned (Lee Pace), a man blessed with the ability to revive the dead with a single touch.Among those he gives the finger to is childhood sweetheart Chuck (Anna Friel), cruelly bumped off before her time.

And if I touch them a second time, they die again forever.

Her breakout role came in 1993 when she first appeared as Beth Jordache in Channel 4 soap Brookside.

Now looking back on her 27-year-long career, Anna Friel has reflected on life in her forties as she tackles dating, motherhood and staying fit in a new candid interview.

In the first episode I bring Chuck, my childhood sweetheart, back to life and a comedy ensues."Anna Friel: "It's quite essentially a comedy with drama.

It's incredibly romantic and a show where anything could happen.

Speaking to the May issue of Red Magazine, the cover star, 40, opened up about her close relationship with her ex David Thewlis, 54 - who she welcomed her 10-year-old daughter Gracie with.

The couple first started seeing each other in 2001 after they met on a flight to Cannes. David pays the school fees and for a nanny but I pay the rest.

It's visually stunning and its production values are so high.

Each episode costs .2 million and we have 11 days to shoot it.

The biggest challenge after making such a big pilot is how to keep it up every week.

the only reason this thread went nowhere fast is because of the goddamn primetime is as gay as liberace, armitage was rumored to have been dating a male flight attendant like 10 years ago so his relationship with lee shouldn't come as a total shock?

Although having split with her former partner in 2010, she admitted she has to be 'grownup' about their past and put her feelings to one side for their little girl. We don’t see each other as much but you have to be grownup about these things. 'I’ve always been independent and financially supported myself since I was 16.