Custom textbox validating user input

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To display the icon after the input field, I am tempted to just use pseudo-class and pseudo-element all together like, to make your code more semantic.

So we now need to register our component as value accessor provider so Angular knows that it can call these methods when used in a form.This post will go over how to create a custom input component which supports validation and is compatible with both ng Model forms and Reactive Forms.As an example we will create a custom textarea component, where the validation checks that the user input is a valid JSON string.Before proceeding, if you are not familiar with CSS3 web fonts, please read the articles linked at the end of this blog.There are many free web fonts out there, as well as some icon fonts you can use for free.Finally, the text boxes also should be queriable for valid state so that when the form/dialog/window is submitted, I can loop through them and see if I can submit or not.

First, to see how to have the Text Box check and provide feedback on it being valid.

(For more information on using Custom Validators be sure to read Using the Custom Validator Control.) Another option for providing custom validation is to create your own validation server control.

This approach is ideal to the Custom Validator approach if you know that you are going to be using this validation on multiple pages or in more than one project.

Also, the system may expect data in a specified format, or adhering to some other constraint. NET was writing code that would ensure that the data submitted by a user met the system's specific requirements. NET, however, greatly simplified this through its validation controls, which are a set of Web controls designed specifically to validate input data.

You've no doubt had experience using the built-in ASP.

When collecting input from a user, it is important to ensure that the input received meets the requirements of the system.