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The extraordinary endurance hunting of grey wolves has been recorded by BBC film-makers in Alberta, Canada.Cameramen battled howling winds and sub-zero temperatures to film the dramatic chase as wolves closed in on their American bison prey.

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This often includes males who may be courting them.

"The electronics on the cameras would freeze up, the lenses would grow sheets of hoar-frost and batteries would die in seconds.

"We tried heating the cameras but the plastic cables to the battery packs snapped like bread sticks and the plastic covers broke apart like poppadoms.

You can't see them and they can't see you." And the Arctic tundra is about as far away as he could get from his native Far North Queensland.

He can laugh about it now, but one encounter with a bear was so "unnerving'' that Chadden recorded a farewell video to his family in case he was attacked.

Director Chadden Hunter and his team scoured Wood Buffalo National Park, an area the size of Denmark, to find the predators and prey in action.

Taking on a herd of bison, with males weighing in at up to a tonne, is a high-risk strategy for the wolves.

In the mating game, it is not always “do or die,” but the penalties can be severe, and there is no single tried and true approach when it comes to the fascinating strategy of attracting a mate.

Charles Darwin called it “sexual selection.” NATURE is calling it explores the evolution of sexual strategies and what makes certain species winners and losers in the mating game.

So, if a male falls short in convincing a female that he will be a good mate, he may become lunch.

This is a compelling reason for males to work hard in perfecting their courtship dances.

In some species, the normal rules of mating are turned on their head, such as the feisty female topi antelope champing at the bit to have sex with an aloof male or bonobo males practicing free love.

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