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There was a horrible stability there, free from social opprobrium.

In public, Gaddafi claimed to have women’s rights at his heart.Some people managed to reach five , but we rarely had anyone go beyond 10.It was the main reasons our #Womenin Libya snapchat account was created.During this era, women were also increasingly seen driving, shopping, or travelling without husbands or male companions (known as Mahrams).Since the early 1920s, Libyan women have had the right to vote and to participate in political life.In 1981, he said that he had decided ‘to wholly liberate the women of Libya in order to rescue them from a world of oppression and subjugation’.

On occasion, when she wasn’t being raped or forced to snort cocaine, drink whisky or watch pornography — the list of abuses is endless — Soraya sometimes acted as one of Gaddafi’s supposedly elite guards.We wanted to see #Libyan Women and witness how they live their lives.By seeing someone else’s story you are motivated by them to reach your goals.Those between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five were increasingly ready to consider such a change, but women over the age of forty-five appeared reluctant to give up the protection which they perceived their veils and customary dress to afford.A decade later, veiling was uncommon among urban women.Your friends and even people nearby might visit your profile, rate your photos and comment on your photos.