Single mom and dating blog

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Single mom and dating blog - dating violence amoungst teens

, has been there, done that, remarried, and lived to write a book about the tale.

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Last time I wrote about how becoming a single mother meant having your entire life flipped upside-down.

In actuality, many childless singles find single moms very attractive as they can, in a lot of ways, be more mature and independent than a young, developing woman. If he is a guy that has never dated a single mom before, chances are he is going to hit a serious learning curve early on in the relationship.

While this isn’t always the case and children don’t always change women for the better, many women grow in maturity exponentially from the moment that baby enters their life. Let the relationship organically grow and see how deep it gets before you introduce the kids and bring them into your relationship. He will need time to think about what it means to him and the new responsibilities that will come his way. Eventually this will all mesh together and he will forget what it’s like to not have kids in his life, but in the beginning stages, it’s important that you meet him at his level at times. It’s important that he sees that you are a strong role model for your kids, but slowly introduce that concept to him.

There is no rule that states single moms must end up with a man or a woman with kids.

Just because you have kids, it doesn’t put you in a bubble, forcing you to just date other single parents.

I lock myself in the bathroom and take a bath and read a book. He also loves sleepovers at his grandparents' house. I try to keep our lives on a schedule so that I'm not overwhelmed.

I take advantage of my downtime..when he's at sports practice, I'll read a book.Many single parents have determined a lifestyle and means of raising their children without interference.It takes a special person to win the heart of a single mother, because she rigorously tests her potential love interest for weaknesses.Help him, guide him and create an environment for him where he has a chance to find his own parenting skills.Giving him tips is okay, but don’t tell him what to do.Single parents often have to rely on friends and their community.

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