Movies about teen dating violence

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Movies about teen dating violence

When working with teens we can use films to help raise awareness, share information, and start conversations.

It's an ugly truth that a large number of young adults are living in a twisted reality, where love and pain go hand in hand.

Together, we can raise the nation’s awareness about teen dating violence and promote safe, healthy relationships.

In his Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month Proclamation President Obama called on all Americans “to stand against dating violence when we see it.” At a time when an estimated 1 in 10 teens will experience dating violence we all must take this opportunity to amplify our efforts and shine a spotlight on this important issue. Nationwide, youth age 12 to 19 experience the highest rates of rape and sexual assault.

The campaign won 3 Gold Addy Awards along with the Best of Show honors for the campaign at the El Paso Addy Awards put on by the Advertising Federation of El Paso.

The campaign was also award a People's Telly Award.

How Do I Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month?

first seen on television in 1996, explores an abusive relationship between an obsessive, violent high school boy and his vulnerable girlfriend.

A young couple, Mike and Tamara, talk about their abusive relationship, and Mike reveals why he sometimes hits Tamara.

Two therapists explain why some young men abuse their partners.

[Current stats about teen dating violence] It's rarely discussed but it's happening everywhere.

In cities and in small towns, violence and abuse crosses all age, race and economic boundaries.

These voices inspire a connection and understanding seldom experienced by those who lack direct experience with the streets (from Downtowners web site).

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