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Disney’s approach of assigning a specific artist to a particular character was tried and true, and as old as That methodology allowed an animator to focus on and hone a single performance, the way actors immerse themselves in roles.But for Nik Ranieri and Will Finn, who animated castle dwellers Lumière and Cogsworth, respectively, the contentious friendship between the suave candelabra maître and the punctilious pendulum clock hit incredibly close to home.“Oh Lumière.

Kreuk has been very active since Smallville's end.

Watson can be seen in Belle’s famous yellow dress as the Beast twirls her around the castles grand ballroom.

Watson runs to the hills as she sings about wanting to “experience an adventure in the great wide somewhere”.

He's, shall we say: gaying it backward, living in a glass closet, not-asking/not-telling, or what ever euphamism strikes your fancy. Sure, but, by not discussing his sexuality, does the issue simply go away?

It certainly shouldn't matter, but it does because it's pretty cool to have an openly gay action star. And it's pretty cool to have a gay guy playing such a stereotypically masculine character, if only for the inevitable fan fiction starring Evans and Stevens. Evans has a musical theater background so he should have no trouble delivering on that front, but can he possibly hope to fill Gaston's shoes, let alone his absurdly tight shirts?

And, like any great actors and animators, both of these artists drew from their personal experiences to make it real between the characters on the screen.”Lumière and Cogsworth—who are played by Ewan Mc Gregor and Ian Mc Kellen in this month’s live-action remake—were originally conceived as an archetypal odd couple, their disparate personalities reflected in their designs and vocal performances.

Lumière was voiced in warming tones by Jerry Orbach, as a cross between Maurice Chevalier and Pepé le Pew, radiating joie de vivre in every sweeping movement.

The latest clip comes months after fans were given a comprehensive look at Cogsworth, Mrs.

Potts, Lumière and Plumette, played by Ian Mc Kellen, Emma Thompson, Ewan Mc Gregor and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

While some may dismiss Belle as delicate, Watson's portrayal sounds far from it.

She specifically requested riding boots, instead of ballet flats, so her character could ride horses and run around the French countryside.

We've been talking about the Beauty and The Beast movie for such a long time, and next month (17 March) we'll be seeing our favourite Disney movie come to life.