Re os isotopic dating of molybdenites

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Re os isotopic dating of molybdenites - Telugu phone sex chat websites

The mineralization is associated with a porphyry quartz-monzodiorite to quartz-diorite stock, which intruded into Eocene volcanic rocks consisting of andesite, basalt, and andesitic to dacitic tuff.

The Xiaoliugou is a large-scale W (Mo) deposit newly explored in the Northern Qilian Mountains Caledonian fold belt, Northwestern China.Supergene enrichment is irregularly developed in the Chah-Firouzeh deposit.Zircon U–Pb dating of two representative samples from the Chah-Firouzeh porphyry stock yielded emplacement ages of 16.9 ± 0.4 Ma and 16.5 ± 0.2 Ma, respectively.A full publication list for Re-Os is available here.For sulfide minerals, Re-Os geochronology has direct application to the timing and duration of hydrothermal ore deposit formation.Development of Re-Os geochronology for crustal matrices has been ongoing since 1998 in the laboratory.

This work has resulted in major advancements in the direct isotopic dating of crustal sulfide minerals, petroleum source-rocks, and natural hydrocarbons, using Re-Os isotopes.It is a vein and skarn type deposit genetically associated with the Xiaoliugou Caledonian granodiorite stock.Re-Os isotopic dating for the molybdenite in the deposit yields an isochron age of 462 ± 13 Ma (2σ) and model ages of 436 to 496 Ma.These results suggest that W-Mo mineralization occurred before the collision of plates, and mineralized substances mainly originated from the crust.The Baishan Mo–Re deposit is located in the eastern section of the eastern Tianshan orogenic belt, NW China.The deposit has a grade of 0.06% Mo and a high content of rhenium of 1.4 g/t.

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