Sins of a solar empire not updating

10-Oct-2019 21:52 by 9 Comments

Sins of a solar empire not updating

hi i am looking for a download link of the latest sins trinity patch 1.01, coz i need it for a mate. coz i cant find one, btw this page is realy a pain in the ass, lots of mod stuff, but no trace of the important patches stuff. Its all done through Impulse which always patches your game to the most recent version. i dont like those platforms too, but i was so dumb and registered my game hmm, relice-net (company of heroes for example) at least provides you the downloaded files and not like impulse which downloads the files and pathes the game in one run.

Savannah, Jungle, Rock, Industrial planet, Water planet, etc.....An error that is repeatable is the easiest to correct.My Fist0, are you going to make links in the OP for all the errors you have or only those 3 you have solutions/explanations for?also thinking of adding several sized moons but I’m having some problems resizing them.I think this is about it, I’ll keep my blog updated with new stuff I’m adding, sorry for all the delay but currently busy with real life (sadly.. he bought the game, but he is no fan of any portals like steam and impulse, which is nothing more like an online drm.

there is no diff between secue-rom and the other online drms, but a community network sounds much better but is exactly the same.Fix this by giving the capital ship an AM reserve stat boost for all levels (value as small as 0.000100 will suffice). I suggest this needs to be stickied though or it won't work so well.You also need to try and describe when the error happened and the steps needed to make it re-occur (if not intermittent).I recently wiped my hard drive so I don't have the info on which mod it was but I'm pretty sure I remember it being the Battlewagon mod, but when I reloaded it after updating Sins to the latest patch I do not get the new planet types.Does anyone remember which mod that was, and is there an updated version that works with the most recent patch? Ah OK Sins Plus had the planet types and the battle wagon mod had the expanded fleets. Hopefully it has both the planet types and the fleet sizes. I installed the 174.74 beta drivers from Nvidia and have not crashed since (as also confirmed by others on the site forum).

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