Dating a fender bassman 100

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Dating a fender bassman 100 - top 20 dating sites 2016

The version III is just the latest/newest version of the regular amp, and has some minor circuit revisions and a Celestion "G12P80" speaker, instead of the Eminence "Gold Label" speaker, and a black control panel, but essentially the same amp as previous versions.The "Special" or "Limited" editions are the same horse, different color and speaker, and have so far not been version III (black panel).

We will kill some of the myths and make this more simple for you as a player so you can spend more of your time playing the guitar.After having listened to and played his music for some decades we are amused with how most players focus on all the minor details and tend to overlook the big important factors.We will shed some new light on the case “How to achieve the SRV tone” – but not by listing all of Cezar Diaz’ amp mods.As for the year built, look for an inspection sticker inside the cab, like the one in the pic below, for a two-letter code as shown.The two letters denote year (first letter) and month (second letter) manufactured and can be deciphered here (first link below).His unique signature tone and straightforward pentatonic Texas blues licks can be immediately recognized.

SRV invented his own licks, riffs and phrasings, and he borrowed things from players that inspired him such as Albert King, Jimi Hendrix and his older brother Jimmie Vaughan.

The body is made from what appears to be plywood, and everything about it is pretty much junk. S/N 04121407I searched many site for information about S/N and can't find any My guitar is identical to this one. Can anyone help me find more information about my guitar? Benoitm , I bought a similar 'Lite Ash' last month!

It is now in pieces in my music room, pretty much the worst guitar I've ever played. Gold logo on headstock, made in Korea written on back of the headstock. It's a fantastic axe - it sounds very 'woody' and sparkling sharp.

I had read that the special edition version added the Celestion speaker that may be a little better, but other than that, I don't know. I would like to know the year built also if anyone can help. differences between the regular and special editions are the speaker and the covering on the amp cabinet, the amp is the same in both.

the V30 has a great reputation, but "better" is in the ear of the beholder.

Is this more comparable to the Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Extension or the Hot Rod Deluxe III. Thanks Hi dsutley, Congrats on the new amp (HRDlx).

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