Dating orgasm denial

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Dating orgasm denial - are john cena and mickie james dating

She will weigh herself every two weeks after that and if she has lost 1lb or more since the last weigh-in, she keeps me locked with no release.She has 15lbs-20lbs to lose, meaning that I could be denied orgasm for 30-40 weeks - as much as 10 months. If she gains or stays at the same weight, she has to give me a release.

More off than on because cb6000s are not secure for me and despite experimentation I've never been able to make it secure and the longest I've gone without coming out for some reason is 3 weeks.Men would almost crash their cars looking at her marching down the street.Starting the game of orgasm denial, she told me from the beginning that I could only have an orgasm with her express permission.As she loses weight, I'll be even more turned on by looking at her, so denial will be doubly difficult.************************** I was denied for almost 32 days. My Mistress then took out three condoms and put them one above another on my taped dick.(will post pictures of my wrapped dick if permitted by my Mistress.) she then pushed started to undress herself in front of me.Some may simply get a huge kick out of the pleasure they feel when kept in a heightened state of arousal and enjoy being edged for a few hours during their sex sessions, while other orgasm control fans may wish to be kept in chastity and be denied for months, even years at a time.

There are those who get a thrill out of being frustrated or humiliated and those who enjoy orgasm denial alone, or in a long distance relationship.Now that I have a secure and discrete Lori's tube, this game is becoming real.My wife is very vanilla and has not been overly enthusiastic about the chastity thing, but she's had glimpses of the benefits and seems keen to have me locked up on a longer term basis now. She will lock me up this Saturday and then weigh herself.Of course, my denial could be extended due to failure to serve appropriately also.Losing weight is challenging for my wife, so we will both be challenged and in a wierd way can support each other.To really get the most out of your chastity, or orgasm control experiences, you want to sit down and think about what aspects really turn you and your partner on.