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In 1786, Morocco and the United States of America signed a Treaty of friendship that is still in force making it the longest-standing unbroken treaty in US history.

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Ankara had also been at odds with the US and EU over their stance toward Iran’s nuclear programme, arguing for a diplomatic solution to the standoff instead of sanctions.

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The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America are bound by a special and old alliance dating back to 1777 when Morocco became the first country to formally recognize the newly independent United States.

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With a limited API key it will add total skill points as well as the current ship you are in and its name.John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both future US Presidents, were the American signatories.“Turkey’s hosting of this element will constitute our country’s contribution to the defence system being developed in the framework of Nato’s new strategic concept.Under the leadership of King Mohammed VI and the last four US Administrations, the US-Morocco relationship has advanced on political, economic, social, and security fronts, highlighted namely by a joint commitment to combating terrorism, the designation of Morocco as a non-NATO Ally, the signing of the 2004 Free Trade Agreement and the establishment of two Compacts with the Millennium Challenge Corporation.1777 – Morocco was the first country to formally recognize the United States.Morocco and the United States of America share a close and steadfast transatlantic relationship and have relentlessly allied their efforts to defend their shared values of freedom, democracy, tolerance and peace during both World Wars, the Cold War and in various coalitions such as the first Gulf war as well as in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

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