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The curriculum is customized to the level and interests of the group.Since the class is held at a home, the activities that can be done are more varied and can include cooking, outdoor activities, and field trips, depending on the group’s preferences.

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Li Wenhua plans to sell the beast as a pet for "a good price" after discovering the rare and unusual arachnid.

He said: “The spider has very high value in scientific research.

It is an extremely rare species in Sichuan.“I had spent great effort trying to find it, but I didn’t see one.”The spider dates back to as far as the fifth century, and is a type of trapdoor spiders, which are rarely seen as they live underground.

This model is used in i-Nside’s technology to help diagnose ear diseases all over the world. Clarifai helps increase the chances for people to sell their photos by surfacing the right image to the right buyer at the right time.

Clarifai is now the absolute core of Foap’s tagging mechanism, making images findable in the Foap marketplace.

In order to connect brands with the images they’re looking for, Foap uses Clarifai to consistently tag all these photos to make them easily searchable. An online destination for wedding inspiration, Style Me Pretty receives tens of thousands of user-submitted photos every day.

Using Clarifai, Style Me Pretty built a scalable and accurate way to handle the constant flow of user-generated content so their human editors could curate better articles. Asset Bank is a leading Digital Asset Management solution that provides enterprises with highly-configurable solutions to manage their media libraries.Leveraging image recognition, Asset Bank built an auto-tagging feature into their platform to create a better user experience for their customers. A leader in endoscopic technology, i-Nside created a smartphone attachment that takes medical-grade images of the human ear.Using over 10,000 ear photos, Clarifai trained a custom model that accurately identifies common ear problems.After his discovery, the farmer said he was intent on selling the spider in the hope its rarity would secure a hefty price.Foap is a fast-growing online photography marketplace that receives thousands of new user-uploaded photos every constantly updated with top news from China and around the world.

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