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My Boring Life has many different sections, files and so on..

You can find the email contact in the sidebar on the link "E-mail contact".

NET: Our webcam portal is based in Holland but we cover the world! If you know of any new webcams, send us email or write in the guestbook! Track weather reports, follow hurricane's progress.

We will check the url, if we think it will be interesting to our fans, we will add it to is easy to use, click on the category of your choice and choose a webcam!

The vast majority of her tweets in this account are in the Russian and/or Ukrainian language.

I've tried to readthese tweets in translated English,but I think they are poorly translated: Many tweets make no sense at all;some of the words and/or names have not been translated at all - or only half translated;some of the tweets are quirky and/or weird - probably due to poor on. Mostly russian speaking on her "" and on Ariels telegram, calling her all sorts of names.

I will keep you updated on all the wonderfully exciting things going on in my life and all the juicy drama.

I would also like to introduce you to some beautiful webcam girls that I know you will love.Check out my navigation menu at the top of this page because I have moved some of the webcam links up there.I will be starting a new web cam girl blog on here soon as well. I created my boring life almost a decade ago to share my thoughts, pictures, videos, my webcam and any other cool stuff that I could find.It has evolved over the years and for a few years I kinda forgot it was here and focused on other things (like my baby! Now I am planning on refocusing and adding some new webcams, free webcam girls and stuff.Shareholder company share-count determines a shareholder's payment amount.