Esri rest services not updating

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The result of this operation is an array of edit results.

Restarting the service each time the data changes is not an option for me since it will change so frequently.

The APIs described in this document are subject to Mapbox's Terms of Service.

This documentation is structured by API, which is a group of related functionality like Geocoding or Uploads, and then by endpoint, which is a specific method within that API that performs one action and is located at a specific URL.

Is there any way to auto-update the map service & REST in Arc GIS 10.1 for Server I tried the ADMIN API but its not the proper way ...

also there are no settings for service definition file in 10.1. actually its map service created using sql query & the data base is updating daily.. Hi I am using Arc GIS ADMIN API for automatic service publishing Python module.

You can provide arguments to the query operation as query parameters defined in the parameters table below. The structure of each feature in the array is same as the structure of the json feature object returned by the Arc GIS REST API.

The attributes property of the feature should include the object id (and the global id, if available) of the feature along with the other attributes: Example 1: Update a point feature Step 1: Click on the following link to update a feature: GIS/rest/services/San Francisco/311Incidents/Feature Server/0/update Features Step 2: Copy and paste the following feature array in features.Let’s look at the following scenario: You check out the samples online, they work well.You copy the code over to your local machine and run them there, they work great.This is REST API documentation: it’s the most technical level of documentation for Mapbox’s web services.If you're looking to use a map in an application, you probably want to use a library like Mapbox GL JS or Mapbox Mobile instead.I am able to view all records in but when I check the REST I found that REST is not updating so after overwriting service those updated records I can identify.. Actually its working in 85% cases that's the reason I have not entered here above as answer.