839 error validating cardaccount number checksum

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839 error validating cardaccount number checksum

Try to resolve with customer or obtain alternate payment method Fix There is an invalid value being sent. Fix and resend Resend Send this transaction back at any time Voice Perform a voice authorization per instructions provided by Chase Paymentech Wait Wait 2-3 days before resending or try to resolve with the customer Response Codes: Code Definition Status Action00 Approved Approved None01 Call/Refer to Card Issuer Decline Voice02 Refer to Card issuer's special conditions Decline Voice03 Invalid Merchant Number Error Fix04 Pickup Decline Cust.05 Do Not Honor Decline Cust.06 Other Error Decline Cust.07 Stop Deposit Order Decline Cust.08 Approved authorization, honor with identification Approved None09 Revocation of Auth Decline Cust.10 Default Call Decline Voice11 Approved authorization, VIP Approval Approved None12 Invalid Transaction Type Decline Cust.13 Bad Amount Decline Fix14 Invalid Credit Card Number Decline Fix15 Default Call Low Fraud Decline Voice16 Default Call Medium Fraud Decline Voice17 Default Call High fraud Decline Voice18 Default Call Unavailable Fraud Decline Voice19 Re-enter Transaction Error Resend20 Floor Low Fraud Decline Cust.21 Floor Medium Fraud Decline Cust.22 Floor High fraud Decline Cust.23 Floor Unavailable Fraud Decline Cust.24 Validated Approved None26 Pre-noted Approved None27 No reason to decline Decline Cust.28 Received and stored Approved None29 Provided Auth Approved None30 Invalid value in message Error Fix31 Request received Approved None32 BIN Alert Approved None33 Card is expired Decline Cust.34 Approved for partial Approved None35 Zero Amount Error Fix36 Bad Total Auth amount Error Fix37 Invalid Secure Payment Data Error Fix38 Merchant not MC Secure Code Enabled Decline Call40 Requested Function not supported Error Call or Fix41 Lost / Stolen Decline Cust.42 Account Not Active Decline Cust.43 Lost / Stolen Card Decline Cust.45 Duplicate Transaction Decline Cust.46 Blanks not passed in Reserved Field Decline Fix50 Positive ID Decline Cust.52 Processor Decline Decline Cust.56 Restraint Decline Cust.58 Transaction not permitted to terminal Error Call59 Soft AVS Decline Cust.60 Do Not Honor Low Fraud Decline Cust.61 Do Not Honor Medium Fraud Decline Cust.62 Do Not Honor High fraud Decline Cust.63 Do Not Honor Unavailable Fraud Decline Cust.64 CVV2/CVC2 Failure Decline Cust.65 Invalid Amex CID Decline Cust.66 Other Error Error Fix68 Invalid CC Number Error Fix69 Does not match MOP Error Fix71 No Account Decline Fix72 Invalid Institution Code Decline Fix73 Method of Payment is Invalid for Merchant Error Fix74 Invalid Expiration Date Decline Cust.75 Bad Amount Error Fix77 Invalid Amount Decline Fix78 Missing Companion Data Error Fix79 Invalid Merchant Error Fix80 Invalid MOP for division Error Fix85 Duplicated Order # Error Fix86 Auth Recycle Host down Error Wait87 Invalid Currency Error Fix88 Invalid Purch.

Key: Action Description Call Call your Chase Paymentech Customer Service for assistance Cust. I nearly called AMEX to make sure there wasn’t a problem with my card.Virtual Terminal for key-entered transactions and a variety of other payments management functions.If the checksums match, the data was almost certainly not altered.Hi Beth, can you help me to complete and confirm my order? Dropbox and Backblaze — I’d kept my Jungle Disk account around because, uh…

This morning, I logged into the Jungle Disk billing interface to change my billing method I spent 10 minutes trying to understand why the system kept reporting the old 841 error: “Error validating card/account number range.”What? In frustration, I finally gave up, and sent an email to Jungle Disk saying that either their system was broken or I was doing something wrong.It is a Web-based application that performs the processing functions of a physical point-of-sale (POS) system and requires only a computer with a secure Internet connection and a Web browser.Does the virtual terminal support card-not-present transactions?Does the Orbital Virtual Terminal offer fraud detection services? The Virtual Terminal supports Address Verification System (AVS), Card Verification values (CVV, CVV2, CID) and Account Verification. Can I process electronic checks with Orbital Virtual Terminal? Your company may qualify for international currency services.Your company may be able to process electronic checks. Please contact a sales representative for further information.If you are not sure which hosting platform your Orbital Gateway is using, the Orbital Gateway (Tampa Platform) uses BIN 000002) and has a 12 digit PNS Merchant ID number.

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