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Business is more complicated than just accepting payments.That's why Flint brings together payment processing with invoicing, online sales capabilities, coupons and more to help manage more of your business from the palm of your hand.

Accept payments by scanning or keying in card information.

When it comes to preoxygenation, consider the Nigel Tufnel approach of turning the amp up to 11. There are all sorts of meds we give to ACS patients, but do they do any good?

Last month George Willis tackled low sugar, this month, he shoots for the moon. And just where are we on abx for acute appendicitis? We are masters of working in malodorous conditions. Amal breaks down the ‘warranty’ on different cardiac studies.

Pros: None Cons: Awful mic (however you should never use mic on a webcam)Awful video quality I would highly recommend getting a decent webcam for Logitech rather than going with a smaller unknown company like this as the products you receive are absolute garbage quality.

I would never be able to recommend this product to anyone I know.

The following items cannot be financed: The Source Gift Cards, all prepaid cards (i Tunes, Xbox, etc.), prepaid airtime cards, gaming consoles, gaming software, all Apple products, Kinect accessories, mobile phone plans and security deposits.

*Subject to Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec (“the Federation”) approval. ** All annual interest rates indicated are subject to change.

Watch Jerusalem in real-time through a live video feed from our webcam located in the balcony of the hotel's Executive Lounge.

See for yourself the breathtaking Old City views with its walls, minarets and domes from our hotel, situated in the heart of Jerusalem.

It’s secure because every transaction is encrypted and no information or image is ever stored on your phone.

See All Features Professional and Fast Create customized invoices with a Pay button so your customers can quickly pay you from a secure webpage.

Minimum card payment is 5% of the total of: the balance shown on the account statement for the previous period; credit charges on purchases and monthly installments that have not been paid on the due date for the current period; regular purchases, during the statement period. ****Purchases by equal installments are subject to credit charges calculated starting from the date they are posted to the statement of account until they are paid in full, at the annual interest rate (19.9%) in effect for the financing plan offered by the merchant.

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