Updating firmware on olympus e620

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The seven point AF system can be monitored both in the optical finder and the LCD screen.It’s active for single shots or continuous shooting. 49 zone exposure ESP metering is backed up by center-weighted and spot modes.

Many lenses are extensively computerised, to the point that Olympus offers firmware updates for many of them.

The Olympus E-620 is a Four Thirds digital SLR that combines the feature set of the new E-30 with the compact design of the E-420.

This camera is positioned between Olympus' E-520 and E-30, and prices start at 9 for the body-only configuration.

Here are some of the highlights on this camera: Some of those features were on the E-420/520, others are from the E-30, while a few (illuminated buttons, autofocus system) are new.

How do the four most recent Olympus D-SLRs compare?

This page contains information about installing the latest Olympus EVOLT E-620 driver downloads using the Olympus Driver Update Tool.

Olympus EVOLT E-620 drivers are tiny programs that enable your Digital Camera hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

I think this is the first time a company updates the camera manual including the new firmware features info.

The “new” E-M1 manual can be downloaded here: English: J-Marc for finding the news!

The common inch-based sizing system is derived from vacuum image-sensing video camera tubes, which are now obsolete.

The imaging area of a Four Thirds sensor is equal to that of a video camera tube of 4/3 inch diameter.

The image sensor format, between those of larger SLRs and smaller point-and-shoot compact digital cameras, yields intermediate levels of cost, performance, and convenience.