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Isaac Singer started making sewing machines in 1851 and in partnership with Edward Clark formed I. In 1884 yet another new factory was opened at Kilbowie, Clydebank on a 46 acre site.

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Singer along with the Berlin-based agency "Culture Management Berlin" created a database of Singer sewing machine world productions in 2000 and 5 years later the list was finally finished and published in 2005.

Produced from the 1930's through the 1970's these compact and lightweight portable electric sewing machines have become a favorite with today's quilters, crafters, fabric artisans, and vintage / antique sewing machine collectors.

If you have ever sewn on one you will understand why!

Books have been published on these sewing machines they are so popular.

* * * * * * * * * * * *As experienced and enthusiastic dealers of Singer Featherweight sewing machines we are always interested in helping you sell your Singer Featherweight machines through the Consignment Program we offer, and typically for more than you would realize in most other situations.

The Singer 99k sewing machine is small in size measuring only 12-1/2" wide, this image shows an early version the 99K (99K21 - 26) made between 1924 to 1954. The stitch length was adjusted via a screw and the machine did not stitch backwards.

Later versions 99K31 had a stitch length up-down lever with reverse stitch and numbered tension dial - Year 1955 The Singer 15K is always recognised by its tension unit being on the left face of the machine.There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it's serial number.However hopefully this page will help identify your sewing machine model number in conjunction with the other details we have available relating to sewing machine serial numbers..!When it comes to Anderson, South Carolina Singer only lists 3 Years of Issue for all NA, NB and NC serial numbers that include Models 301, 301A, 401A, 403A, 500A and 503A.These years are not completely accurate and are only the years of the entire allotted serial numbers; NA-1951, NB-1956 and NC-1961.Although we have several Singer accessory boxes this is the only needle case we have come across. The New Family was introduced in 1863 and later become known as the Singer 12.

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