Who is david spade dating 2016

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Who is david spade dating 2016 - Women personals for k9 sex

Several outlets are reporting this week that Spade is dating Naya Rivera.

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The couple were reported to have started dating a few weeks ago, but have kept it out of the spotlight.David Spade might not seem like the most likely ladies man in Hollywood, but for reasons that might forever defy explanation, the 52-year-old remains wildly popular with actresses and models who aren't old enough to remember the release of Tommy Boy.Last year, Spade dated Charlotte Mc Kinney, but the relationship didn't last, as 2016 decided to take a different approach to making us question the meaning of existence by killing off a bunch of celebrities instead.If this happens, we would like you to know that this will be the first marriage of David Spade whereas Naya Rivera will be someone's wife for the second time.Rivera is already divorced with her first husband Ryan Dorsey back in November 2016, just before a month when she began dating Spade.We will continue to be great co-parenting partners for him.

We ask for respect and privacy for our family during this difficult time."Rivera requested legal and physical custody of their son with visitation rights for her ex.But here's the weird part: Rivera quickly jumped into a new relationship and wound up marrying Ryan Dorsey ... on the same day and at the same venue where she was supposed to marry Sean!Maybe Naya is just really, really frugal and didn't want to lose her deposit. He seems like a guy who enjoys his freedom and likes playing the field and Naya seems like ... This is a woman who's high on relationships and commitment. She's also big on talking a lot of trash to the tabloid media when relationships don't work out to her liking.The pair got married just after dating a couple of months, organizing the fairy tale wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on July 19, 2014. However, Naya filed for a divorce from Ryan after two years of their marriage.Before getting married to Ryan, Rivera was previously dating a singer. The divorce was officially finalized back in November 2016.The 30-year-old filed for divorce from husband Ryan Dorsey in November of last year after two years of marriage.

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