Updating an old china hutch

23-Feb-2020 03:22 by 4 Comments

Updating an old china hutch

) has always been my grandmother’s hutch that sits in our dining room.There’s just something so fun about playing with dishes and flowers and mugs and bowls and arranging them beautifully on the shelves.

In this collection you will have a chance to discover various shapes, sizes, colours and designs of china cabinets. This sumptuous china hutch cabinet presents lovable arched design and elaborate metal hardware with unpretentious pride.

Now you will be able to display your china with class, using this old-fashioned beauty with gorgeous hand-carvings.

The all-wood frame also brings 3 storage drawers and 2 one-door cabinets, slong with 2 adjustable shelves placed inside the main glass panel cabinet.

The china cabinet was in a pretty sad place before landing in my garage. I removed all the hardware using a screwdriver and am still on the fence about reusing or replacing the existing pieces.

It was dusty and had lots of grime in the corners, so a good ole’ cleaning was a must! Some of the hardware (knobs) were missing, so I’m not sure what I will do. The orbital sander is somewhat large so it worked great for the larger flat surfaces like the top, sides, and doors.

Elegant sideboard for storing tableware or display decoration. Includes cabinets and a lot of drawers in various sizes.

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