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Varietydating com

Our abundant orchards (Washington is the top producer of apples in the nation), robust beverage industries, and population of adventurous drinkers have created the perfect landscape for a cider renaissance, and the rest of the country is now following the Northwest’s lead.It’s easiest to describe craft cider by what it’s not.

Portland now leads the nation in per-capita cider consumption, and the Northwest is home to more than 70 craft cideries.Such diversification required many centuries, obviously. Considering its great variety, talk of Sangiovese in general is not particularly correct.Five years ago, if you asked for a cider at a restaurant, you’d probably end up with an apple juice.To understand how large this number is, we can compare it with Cabernet Sauvignon, on the same catalog: it is reported about 11 clonal varieties…This means that over the centuries variations of Sangiovese adapted to very different territories, in such different ways that some clones that have good success in a region of Tuscany, do not produce good fruit in another, though not too far away.“The apples used are sweet varieties and sour in the same time.

They are like “renetta” apple, cultivated in Piedmont and in Savoy.

In salads, we think their crisp sweetness pairs well with rich avocados.

Last week, we combined chopped lemon cucumbers with avocados, cherry tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar, served over brown rice with lentils and apricots (substituting ripe Blenheims for the dried apricots in the recipe).

We're also eyeing recipes for cucumber almond soup (served in cucumber bowls!

(Text written in preparation for the interview with Wine Tripping TV, link below) History and biodiversity of Sangiovese Sangiovese, also called Sangioveto, is a red grape whose origins date from the time of the Etruscans, who since three thousand years ago grown it in the area between Siena and Florence, the Chianti region.

They have the consistency of baked potato and taste like chestnuts.

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