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THOUGH HENRY CAVILL HAS FOUND worldly fame through a character who is, very literally, out of this world—of course, he’s best known as the last son of Krypton in director Zack Snyder’s 2013 franchise reboot, Man of Steel, and its follow-up, this year’s megahit Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—he works pretty damn hard to keep his real-life self firmly grounded here on Earth.

Archibald "Archie" Andrews (Archie Gomez in the spanish version) debuted in Pep Comics 22 (cover-dated Dec. His earlier life is revealed in the "Little Archie" stories when he had a dog named Spotty.“If I ever become an egomaniac, then I’ve messed it up,” he says of his good (and sizable) fortune, which he hopes will ensure a better future for his nieces and nephews and any kids or grandkids of his own who might one day enter the picture. Of course, there’s also one particularly buzzy thing he simply can’t talk about. On Doodles By Jess, Amsterdam-based art director Jessica Stahl draws super relatable cartoons illustrating her daily life. The Little Archie series, published from 1956 through the mid-1990s, chronicles the adventures of pre-teen Archie and his friends while in elementary school.The 2010 revival of the Life with Archie series chronicles two alternate, parallel story lines in which Archie marries Betty and Veronica.You had a window of maybe a couple of months at most, depending on the frequency of the periodical.


Some came in daily, some weekly, some monthly, some bi-monthly, some quarterly...

In the days before computers, this would be an incredible amount of work to keep track of what came in when.

I was prompted to buy these because I remember reading some Classics Illustrated comic books when I was a boy.

These were all purchased from a book dealer who had them housed in plastic bags or sleeves. I only just now removed them all for this listing and to ascertain the publication dates.

Some of our favorite doodles document her frustrating experiences with modern dating: 🙄 seriously?

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