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The former Indy Car and Formula E driver is set to make history when she lines up on the grid in the championship’s opening round in Adelaide.

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"What better place for her to continue to advance her training than at Circuit of The Americas, the North American home for world-class motorsports.

For now, that's a one-race deal at Andretti to compete in the No. Petersburg's streets, where she finished an impressive fourth in 2011 and qualified third in 2013. Because that's what that sport will do over there." Would de Silvestro try again? And now I have a team that really wants me, and I think we can build something. Hopefully this weekend goes very well so that things keep rolling."Grand Prix of St.

She tested at Sebring and said the team has jelled quickly around her. That would be nice." "She definitely has the talent to drive on street courses," ESPN analyst Eddie Cheever said.

Actually, it isn’t too hard to think of a few in almost each major sporting discipline, be they active in the present day or having long since hung up their training shoes. From the grid girls and the post race “tunnel of totty,” even in this politically correct era, motor racing and particularly Formula 1 remains defiantly stuck in the past.

But if we are discussing why there haven’t been more women racers in F1, I started to wonder why we haven’t yet, at least to my knowledge, encountered many, if any openly gay racing drivers in our field? Oh how we tittered when grid boys first appeared in Valencia.

It was further proof, if it was needed, that women do, of course, have the requisite mental aptitude not only to race but to race fast, hard and successfully. Paths based not simply upon gender, but upon nationality, race and, latterly, paths based upon sexuality.

I’ve been thinking about the topic quite a lot recently. Today, my attention was drawn to a tweet to an article from NBC Sports, announcing that an active NBA star had come out as homosexual.

Jason Collins has made his admission via the front cover of the American sporting bible that is Sports Illustrated, and to the American sports world it is a very big deal.

The issue of sexuality in sports remains a taboo topic. How many sportsmen and women can you think of who are openly gay?

With the motorsport world still seemingly debating the issue of women racers, it was heartening to see two female friends achieving success at the weekend.

Vicky Piria recorded her first F3 podium at Paul Ricard, while Alice Powell romped to yet another F3 victory at her home circuit of Silverstone.

I can't wait to drive there." Details of De Silvestro's August test session will be released at a later date.

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