Ywca canada dating violence

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Ywca canada dating violence

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If you are interested in attending one or more of the YW’s domestic violence support group sessions or would like to arrange for a speaker for your school or special interest group, call 205 322-9922 ext.

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Custody and Access Brochure A guide for women who are facing custody and access issues.

It contains current legislation, policies and procedures that affect women and children in British Columbia.

You need to be very careful for both yourself and your kids.

Why wasn't there a shelter for me when I was a victim of non-self-defense violence from an ex-girlfriend?

Violence against women goes beyond class and culture.

It is the primary cause driving women into economic dependence and it has long-term, intergenerational effects on children who witness the abuse.

Florida The Florida Men's Resource Center has a list of resources for men in Florida. These resources said that they help battered men: SHELTERS (407 area code) Coalition for the Homeless: 426-1250 Crossroads Mission: 843-5269 Central Care Mission: 299-6146 Anthony House: 383-5577 Salvation Army 423-8581 Fresh Start Project 422-9781 COUNSELING (407 area code) Cornerstone Institute: Bruce Stoakley 830-8808 Spouse Abuse Outreach Ctr.

Women and children are "welcome also", according to the web page. 895-6099 Christian Service Center 425-2523 Georgia, Atlanta The Ogeechee Judicial Circuit Domestic Violence Shelter offers services to both men and women. Hotline The SAFE group in Michigan has set up a national hotline for battered men and lesbian women to call: (616)941-0825. Tennessee, Nashville Cumberland Heights is an alcohol and drug treatment center with a court services component.

They also told me that there is a shelter for gay men and lesbian women there (call 619-692-2077) and the YWCA has counseling services for men that are abused (call 619-270-4504).

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