Gillian and david dating

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Gillian and david dating

They married in 1997, but split up after Duchovny admitted he had a sex addiction and entered rehab in 2008.

Neither Duchovny nor Anderson has confirmed the relationship, but witnesses saw Gillian leaving Duchovny’s apartment a few weeks ago. I think we know each other too well, we know each other better than our spouses at any time when we may have had spouses. While the rumors about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson continue, he and Tea Leoni have finalize the details of their split.

They had spent a few years before that trying to make things work, but ultimately decided that being apart was better.

Yesterday we learned that Leoni is now happily dating her costar Tim Daly.

Well, “X Files” fans, it appears that if you want something hard enough and long enough — if you just believe — it may actually come true.

This might be proof that the collective fandom ‘shipper hive mind is more powerful than we ever imagined, so dust off that old Mulder/Scully fan fiction you posted on your favorite AOL message boards.

Gillian Anderson and longtime partner Mark Griffiths recently “amicably” split, her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

The couple has two sons together, age 5 and age 3, but never wed.But now a source is telling us that they aren’t just shacking up. How could they get married two years ago and there not be any pictures or whispers?No, Gillian and David made it official two years ago in Vancouver! That would be one of the best cover ups in Hollywood history – like Janet Jackson/Rene Elizondo caliber secrecy!“Just ran into David Duchovny outside Ken Paves salon. No one can seem to pinpoint when that divorce happened (or if it happened at all) but most seem to think sometime in 2009.If the source’s timeline is correct, is it safe to think David left Tea for Gillian?Gillian made a return to TV in 2013 with the hit serial killer drama which at the time was one of the highest rated shows on TV, and won five Golden Globes and 16 Emmy awards.

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